Best Tile Floor Cleaning Machines

Best Tile Floor Cleaner Machine Reviews

Although carpets would probably take the cake as the floor surface that is by far the toughest to clean, hard floors don’t lag too far behind within this infamous category.

Indeed, whether it’s parquet, tiles, or some other form of the hard surface, a host of dirty bacteria, nasty microorganisms, and other sorts of potentially health-hazardous can infect such an area and settle there for long enough to develop its own foul flora and fauna!  Atrocities such as mold, lice, and fungi can find a home in an area that seemingly shouldn’t ever suffer from such an infestation.

To battle this, weary homeowners have come up with a wide variety of tools and tricks to bring down the empire of dirt and bacteria, but none of the various brushes, chemicals, and contraptions seem to do the job better than the good ole – floor cleaning machines! (And by ‘good ole’, we mean it in an endearing way. These machines are actually relatively new to the market for cleaning products.)

In this article, we’ll talk about a specific breed of these machines called tile floor cleaning machines – that is, floor cleaners designed specifically for the maintenance of tile floors. We’ll offer some advice for all of y’all who’d like to get your hands on one of these contraptions, and also there’ll be a list of 10 best tile floor cleaning machine models currently available on the market.

Oh, and yes, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions related to this topic, as well. (That’s at the bottom after we present the products.)

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Right then folks, let’s see what we’ve got here, shall we?

Tile Floor Cleaning Machines Buyer’s Guide

Temperature Level Adjustment

Not all tile surfaces are the same.

More importantly, not all the stains and pieces of debris lying on these tile floor surfaces are the same.

To take full advantage of a powerful tile floor cleaning machine, it is essential that the model you’re wielding comes with an option to set the temperature to various levels.

For example, a small puddle of spilled milk won’t really create that much of a problem cleaning-wise, so using scorching hot temperature can not only be a bit of an overkill, it can also leave your room smelly afterward, which in a way defeats the purpose of cleaning in the first place.

On the other hand, some stains are way too stubborn for low temperature-cleaners. Sometimes you need a powerful burst of steam to break the stuck particles into smaller ones and then swoop them up gloriously at the end!

Degree of Portability

This category speaks for itself, really.

If you’re able to quickly and easily move your cleaning utensil from one room to another, you’re obviously going to have a much easier time cleaning up various messes you, your kids, or your pets have managed to create for you.

Just imagine a 100-pound steamer drudging along the room, producing decibels upon decibels of unbearable noise from hell! (And by the way, these are not self-operated, it’s you who’ll be dragging them about. You can get a hernia like that, you know.)

Although some models do require a large tank to be able to operate for hours on end, which makes them chunky, a good power-to-weight ratio is certainly a category you should take into consideration when buying a floor tile cleaning machine. It’s like buying a tank, really!

Inbuilt Vacuum Extraction Feature

Now, this one may not be that easy to find, but if a tile floor cleaning model has got it, it’s a major plus.

Generally speaking, steam-based cleaners tend to do extremely well when it comes to picking up stains and dust particles off the surface. They also fare exceptionally in the department of disinfecting a floored area.

The area where they don’t really shine, on the other hand, would be the matter of removing hard-stuck dirt, so to speak.

sometimes, those tiny black dirt particles can get stuck in your tile floor and, by Jove, it can take a hundred men or more to remove it! (As the folks from Toto would say.)

This is where these vacuum extractors come in. The tile floor cleaners that have this feature can dig deeper into the surface of a tile floor, without damaging it of course, and extract the trouble-making dirt particles with ease!

If you can, definitely get a model with this feature.

Boiler Quality (Materials)

As you probably already know, steam-based tile floor cleaners work with a lot of high-temperatures during their operation.

Therefore, a model with a flimsy, plastic boiler can start showing signs of distortion pretty early on in its working life. So, to prevent this, what you want to do is get yourself a stainless steel boiler model.

This will probably set you back a tad in the department of price, of course, but overall – it’s a long run and well-placed investment, for sure!

Additional Features

Cleaning utensils these days are becoming more and more complex.

Tile floor cleaners are no different, really. Whether it’s dual tank system for clean and dirty water, various modes of cleaning (dry and wet, for example), or such user-friendly niceties as an automatic shut-off function, a tile cleaner can become a much more interesting contraption when it’s spiced up with some of these advanced features.

Ultimately, of course, you should look for something that suits your particular needs. For example, if you tend to forget to turn your stove off, shoot for that automatic shut-off function! (It will save you a lot of bother, no doubt.)


Best Tile Floor Cleaning Machines – The Products

#1 Hoover – FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Moondust

Coming from one of the most prominent manufacturers of vacuum cleaners in the world – the Hoover company, this FloorMate model is a powerful cleaning apparatus which combines modern technology with the power of steam to deliver death punches to dirt and bacteria on your floor!

It’s cleaning principle is based on dual tank technology, meaning that one tank is reserved for keeping clean water, while the other one is used for storing the dirty water. This way, you will never experience the awkward situation of dumping dirty water back on your floor in order to clean it up.

When it comes to the actual brushing, this model has got sturdy spin brushes, which spin as you move the cleaner across your room. It can easily take care of a variety of hard surfaces including tile, grout, vinyl, and of course – wood.


  • Soft wheels
  • Sturdy and durable spin brushes
  • Can take care of wood, vinyl, tile, and grout surfaces
  • Dual tank technology
  • Relatively lightweight weighing in at just under 14 pounds


  • Some customers have reported problems with the brushes (They stopped spinning.)
  • Not the best customer service (According to some users.)

#2 Shark – Navigator Lift-Away Professional

Featuring a sizeable build, which you can break apart into smaller pieces, this model from Shark can be a great option for a sizeable estate or for professional cleaners. Although it’s large size doesn’t really make it suitable for small cleaning tasks, if you have to clean two acres of tile floors quickly – look no further than this product right here.

Over at the Shark factory, there emerged a certain designing trend, which the folks employed there seem to follow religiously. Namely, we’re talking about the Lift-Away feature. It allows you to literally lift away the whole portion of this contraption (the tank) and then clean it up independently of the other parts.

This is a pretty handy feature because you don’t really run the risk of bringing water close to any electrical parts or other sensitive areas of this apparatus.


  • Shark’s staple lift-away design
  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology
  • HEPA filter
  • Powerful heater
  • Works on carpets, too


  • Some users reported problems with warranty and the customer support
  • Too large and cumbersome for small living areas

#3 Bissell – PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner

If you’re after a tile floor cleaner model with a cheeky appearance and a powerful cleaning potential, this model from Bissell might be just what you’ve been looking for. Thanks to its curiously-shaped head, you can reach areas you otherwise couldn’t with just a standard model.

Its cleaning path is the most interesting thing about this tile floor cleaner. The thing is, it’s somewhat counterintuitively shaped in a V. (By ‘counterintuitively’ we mean – unorthodoxly. It’s actually quite a clever move on the part of the Bissell designer team.)

The power cord length is 20 feet, which provides more than enough maneuvering space to cover the entirety of a medium-sized room. Also, it should be noted that this particular model is NOT suitable for rugs – only hard surfaces.


  • Convenient swivel steering
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Bagless cleaning
  • V-shaped front part can reach angles and other tough spots in a room
  • Comes with rubber squeegees


  • Some users have reported poor performance in tough-to-reach spots (oddly enough)
  • The swivel can jam sometimes

#4 Shark – Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner

Is it a mic? Is it a steamer? Is it a… Yes, it’s actually a steamer.

A steam-based hard floor cleaner to be precise.  So, looks like a stick with a cleaning head attached to it, works like a steamer, and it’s fairly lightweight and maneuverable at that – pretty good deal, really.

Within its cleaning arsenal, this Shark carpet and hard floor cleaner have got two main weapons – a bristle brush for tackling stains in carpets, and a softer, more adaptable brushroll for hard surfaces. This, of course, effectively means that you can use this utensil to clean up both carpeted and non-carpeted areas.

Another great selling point of this Shark cleaning contraption is the fact that it is ultra lightweight. So, even though you can’t really break it apart as is the case with some other models, to reach areas above the floor, you can easily lift up the whole thing and just continue cleaning your walls or ceiling, for example!


  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with LED front lights for easy maneuvering beneath furniture and other low-visibility areas
  • Comes with a pet multitool, crevice tool, and wall mount storage hook
  • Hair removal tool (perfect for pet owners)


  • Not really suitable for larger cleaning tasks
  • Some users reported problems with the motor

#5 iRobot – Braava Jet 240 Robot Mop

Too lazy to clean your floor yourself? Dream about the day when robots will replace us humans and do all the annoying chores? Well, if these two questions continue to bug you these days, today is your lucky day. The future is right here, and it’s come in the shape of a plucky little autonomous contraption called iRobot!

Surprisingly small, but nevertheless quite effective when it comes to any sort of cleaning task on hard floors, the Braava model from iRobot is a contraption that can turn a dirty floor into a clean one – all on its own. What a time to be alive, ey?

Its main working principle goes thus: there’s a high-precision spray at its front, which spews small quantities of water onto the surface before it and then proceeds to use vibration to swoop up the dirt particles on its path.


  • Can tackle all sorts of hard floors including tile, hardwood, and stone
  • Features a precision jet spray
  • Vibrating head for efficient scooping of the dirt particles
  • Completely autonomous operation
  • Automatically detects furniture and walls and avoids them (no spraying, either)


  • Quite small and not suitable for larger areas
  • The tiny water tank will go empty pretty quickly

#6 Oreck Commercial – Commerical Orbiter Floor Machine

Good, all-fashioned design, a long cord so that you can reach every nook and cranny of the room you’re at and a powerful buffering action for sparkling clean hard floors is what makes this product a staple of home maintenance.

Despite its appearance of an exclusively hard floor tool, this Oreck Commercial orbiter can actually also be used on carpets, but with a slightly different purpose. If you’d use this model for carpets, for examples,  you should only hope to achieve partial cleaning. Actually, the goal of using this contraption on carpets is to loosen the stuck dirt particles, so that you can swoop them up easier with a vacuum cleaner.

Since its main purpose is to simply revolve and polish a hard surface, you can use a wide variety of additional cleaning means to enhance the effects of this apparatus. Whether it’s shampoos, pads, cleaning solutions, you name it – this right here orbiter will rub it in, and rub it in well!


  • Powerful orbital drive oscillates at 175 RPM
  • Comes with a handy 50-foot cord
  • Can be used on both hard surfaces and carpets
  • Suitable for use with various accessories


  • All the brushes and accessories are sold separately
  • No advanced features such as water tanks or different modes of cleaning (It just spins over and over.)

#7 Shark – Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System

Combining some old-school polishing equipment with a modernized look and a couple of interesting new features, this Shark Genius Hard Floor cleaning system is a contraption that can clean and sanitize a hard floor quickly and efficiently.

One of the annoying parts of using a mop or even one of the modern-day cleaning utensils is the fact that you have to manually remove the dirty pad. Well, with this model right here – you don’t have to!

Thanks to its simple but clever system of touch-free pad disposal, you can easily dispose of a dirty pad without ever having to come in contact with the vile thing in the first place.


  • Touch-free technology
  • 3 settings of intelligent steam control
  • Comes with a genius mop pad, water fill flask, dirt grip pads, a pocket mop, and a spray bottle complete with a cleaning solution
  • Steam blaster for getting rid of stuck dirt, dust particles, and messy accidents


  • Some users have reported leakage problems
  • For some users, the steam was not hot enough to clean the thing the needed to clean

#8 McCulloch – Deluxe Canister Steam System

Armed to the teeth with a number of useful cleaning features and with an appearance of an oversized tech-looking bug, this McCulloch canister steam system is perhaps the best-looking apparatus on this list. Well, at least so far it is.

The great thing about this product is that, other than being able to deliver steam at high pressures to blast off even some of the toughest dirt piles, it can also do so without ever using any potentially harmful chemicals. The cleaning process is altogether based on steam under pressure. That’s it.


  • Large, 64-oz water tank
  • No chemicals used in the cleaning process
  • 18-foot long power cord
  • Comes with 23 accessories for all sorts of cleaning tasks
  • Provides 120 minutes of continuous steaming


  • Fairly pricey
  • There’s no bag for attachments – they can get lost pretty easily

#9 Bissell – PowerFresh Lift-Off Hard Surface Cleaner

If the model above looked like it’s come straight from the future, this one here looks like it’s been imported from the ’80s. That said, we don’t mean to imply it’s designed is bad. On the contrary, this little unit has got quite an interesting array of features that can make your every cleaning task much easier!

Thanks to its powerful steaming unit, this contraption is a perfect tool for taking care of pet messes. Whether it’s just hairs, or there’s also some excrement involved, this surface cleaner can get rid of it all quickly and easily with nothing but the power of steam!


  • Steam-based, chemical-free operation
  • Lift-off pet model
  • 13 different tools for all sorts of cleaning tasks
  • Heats up the water in less than 30 seconds
  • Comes with a microfiber soft pad, scrubby pad, odor-eliminating fragrance discs, an attachable water cup, and a sizeable microfiber towel


  • Accessories, while a good addition to the bunch, can get lost easily
  • Some users reported poor experiences with customer support

#10 O-Cedar – Easy Wring Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning System

Sometimes, all you need to really give your floors a thorough clean is a good ole mop and some water. And a bucket. Well, if you fancy getting back to the basics when it comes to your floor maintenance, this here cheeky conglomeration can be just what you need!

What you get here is a simple bucket with a wringer, which is built-in, and a foot pedal underneath it which you press down to make it start wringing. Of course, this means that this rather basic cleaning kit is actually completely hands-free when it comes to drying up the actual mop once you’ve used it!


  • Built-in wringer for hands-free use
  • Deep-cleaning microfiber pad
  • Comes with a splash guard
  • Foot pedal for kick-starting the wringing process (Don’t actually kick it, it’s just a phrase.)


  • Doesn’t work on steam obviously
  • Basically a bucket and a mop (Still pretty good value for the money, though.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Easiest Way to Clean Tile Floors?

Before the invention of steam-based cleaning machines, people would routinely use a mixture of water, various chemicals, and other just your regular mops and pads to tackle the dirt and other substances on tile floors.

Ever since steamers came into play however, it is generally agreed that steaming is the best way to clean tile floors. If you take into consideration factors such as water consumption, a complete lack of chemicals, as well as the fact that you don’t really have to apply a lot of physical pressure to get the cleaning job done, you can see that steamers are the most efficient and user-friendly way to get rid of nasty stains and dirt from your floor.

Are Steam Cleaners Good For Tile Floors?

Since most steam cleaners sanitize and clean hard surfaces without using any chemicals, they’re pretty safe for tile floors, as well.

More importantly, they are much safer alternatives for the people walking on these floors, as various chemicals can be potentially health-hazardous. Also, tile floors are more than tough enough to withstand the heat of the steam, so you don’t have to worry about the steam damaging it in the process.

How Do You Clean Dirty Tile Floors?

There are many ways you can clean a dirty hard-surfaced floor.

Most of them include a simple mop and some warm water combined with a certain solution. This approach is not necessarily inefficient, it’s just that using a steamer is much simpler.

For example, to take care of some spillage on a hard tile surface, all you have to do is set the right temperature on your steam cleaner, and then go over it a couple of times until the stain disappears! (If the stain is a tough one, simply increase the temperature of the steam and that’s it.)

Is It Better to Swoop or Vacuum Tile Floors?

Well, it all depends, really.

If the mess you want to clean up is some dog food granules you’ve dropped, it’s easier to simply vacuum clean them than make them all wet with a steamer.

On the other hand, if you spilled some win, for example, and the puddle’s all dried up, a steamer will do a much better job of getting it off your tile floor. (A vacuum cleaner will probably be virtually useless for this purpose.)

How Do You Disinfect Tile Floors?

The easiest and the most efficient way to sanitize a tile floor is to go over it with a steamer.

Steam, in general, is great for disinfecting purposes, because hot water kills off bacteria and other microscopic pieces of dirt. Just think about it – if you want to remove parasites and other impurities from meat, for example, what do you do? – Put it in hot water and let it boil!

This is the same principle steamers work on pretty much.

Can You Polish Tile Floors?

A hard surface such as a tile floor can, indeed, be polished.

You will, however, need the proper tool for the job. Now, you can either do this manually, by using a mop and some polishing solution or get an orbiter + some polishing solution.

An orbiter is a cleaning utensil that has a large circular brush, which revolves at high speeds. To polish a hard surface, simply pour some of the chemical solutions onto it, and then use an orbiter to spread it around thoroughly.

Of course, you may find different models of orbiters that may be easier to use or even some steamers with an orbiter function, but the principle is the same, really.

In conclusion, cleaning up a pet oopsie, or a wine spill off of your tile floor can be quite an annoying prospect, so a contraption that can take care of it for you is certainly an asset if you’re a proud owner of a beautiful hard floor. We hope you found this article helpful and wish you a merry and hassle-free purchase!

If you love going barefoot in your floor or you have kids playing with it, it is necessary to keep your tile floors always clean. Maintaining the cleanliness of your floor with proper care will prevent damage and extend its life.

Keeping the shine and beauty of your tile floor is difficult to achieve if you do not know what cleaning products to use. With the growth of cleaning products available on the market, it is confusing what to choose that will work best on your tile floor. Choose a cleaning product that is ideal for the type of your tiles. Multiple cleaning products may be necessary, depending on the tile material and the degree of cleaning needed for your floor tiles.

Types of floor tile cleaners


Bleach has antibacterial and whitening properties that are safe to use for all types of tile floors. Dilute one tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of water before using it as a tile cleaner.


Mildew builds up easily in your tile floors, especially in the bathroom. To remove mold from your floor tiles, you can use muriatic acid. However, this is a strong solution that may harm your skin so you may use a tile cleaner that has the same standard cleaning power but is safer and contains a low level of this acid.

Grout Cleaner

There are tile cleaners specifically designed to clean grout. This is a mild blend of acids and other ingredients that can be used regularly to keep your tiles clean and prevent mildew from growing.

Oxygen-Based Cleaner

An oxygen-based cleaner is a powder which is an all-natural, superior floor tile cleaner. An oxygen-based powder cleaner is a mix with a small amount of water creating a paste which is also ideal for cleaning stubborn grout stains, aside from its ability to clean tiles.


There are also floor tile cleaners that do not only keep your floor clean but also gives a shiny appearance adding life to your dull floors. An example of this is the Pledge Tile & Vinyl Floor Cleaner which cleans, shines and protects vinyl and linoleum tiles, sealed ceramic and stone tiles.


If your floor is made of stone tiles such as marble, limestone or slate, it is necessary to use a ph-neutral tile floor cleaner. It is because stones are sensitive to acids and other harsh chemicals. Using ph-neutral tile floor cleaner will not only clean stone tiles well, but also protect their surface.

Steam Cleaners

These are tile floor cleaners which use hot water to lift and release dirt and grime from your tiles.

Broom Vacuums

To keep your tile floors clean and prevent damage and scratches caused by dirt and other substances use a broom vacuum.

Wax and Buff

To give your floor a sparkling shine, wax and buff your tiles. However, this is only applicable to non-porous tiles such as linoleum or vinyl.


If you are concern with your environment, then use a tile floor cleaner that is eco-friendly, like the vinegar-based cleaner. It is very efficient and can be found in your kitchen.