Best Floor and Carpet Steamer

Best Floor and Carpet Steamer Reviews

Ventilation, shoes, pets, and social day to day interactions create a steady stream of particles, debris, and stains to our homes every day. We must keep our floors and countertops out of dirt, dust, and germs that tend to linger and accumulate when left uncleaned. While larger particles may be easy to spot and clean away, dust, germs, and bacteria cannot be seen by the naked eye, and need to be eliminated.

Collect a steam mop, which assures you of up to 99.9% removal of these microscopic agents and helps to keep sanitization. Steam is hot enough to exterminate allergens, germs, and bacteria naturally without having to resort to detergents to reinforce the action. This makes the appliance quite useful for households that have kids and pets using the same space.

Advantages offered by steam cleaning

Floor Steamers are the most effective cleaning and disinfection systems for cleaning furniture. Here are some quick advantages.

  • The advantages offered by this type of cleaning are not found in other types of tasks performed with chemical products .
  • The temperature of the water vapor eliminates all types of germs. The use of additional products is unnecessary. You save on detergents and chemicals, which you will not have to use and replace each time they run out.
  • The nature of the vapor, being in a gaseous state, helps to reach the most inaccessible places for the human hand, cleaning tools and products, achieving a much more effective sanitization, disinfection and cleaning of all surfaces. In this way with steam cleaning , complicated spaces can be disinfected.
  • The use of water exclusively, makes steam cleaning one of the most ecological cleaning procedures.
  • In addition, the high temperatures combined with the contact force projected by the steam cleaning machines , soften the difficult stains embedded in upholstery fabrics.

10 Best Floor Steamers Mops Reviews

1. Bissell powerfresh steam mop + cleaning wipes

Made by a famous homecare apparatus maker, this steam mop is highly recommended for effectively eradicating germs and bacteria on surfaces around your home. Its scrubber flips down to clean a range of messes, from grout to stuck dirt that has already dried. Also, the built-in scrubber makes it easy to use and also safe to use the steam mop on all surfaces such as ceramic, floors, countertops, and walls. This model can also be used to remove stains and soils effectively from garments as a laundry pre-spotter owing to its utility in getting rid of grime, scum, and grease. Fragrance discs of choice can easily be slotted in on the steam mop pad for a fresh scent as you clean surfaces.


  • This steam mop uses the natural cleansing property of steam without adding any chemicals during cleaning.
  • It is easy to set the steam levels required as desired, with the unit offering a choice range of three settings.
  • The mop pad supports fragrance discs to help freshen up the air as you conduct the cleaning process.
  • Highly versatile, this model can clean a range of surfaces from linoleum to hardwood and plastic.


  • In case of failure, it is important to note that you are required to send the device in its original box for repairs or to validate the warranty for replacement.
  • Due to the heat emitted during the process, the cap is prone to cracking over time and leaking, rendering the unit unusable.
  • Using incorrect steam settings on surfaces may lead to streaking or even stripping of floor finishing, especially hardwood floors.

2. Shark Steam Pocket Mop

This steam mop works by converting the added water to scalding steam that effectively eliminates stains, dirt, and grime. Its power cord is 20″ long and has a quick-release mechanism that makes the unit easy to store away or pull out for cleaning — sanitizing any surface with this model, as it heats up within a mere 30 seconds to produce superheated steam that eradicates germs and allergens, drying almost instantly. The two dirt tapping pads provided with the unit are made of microfiber and can be washed after using the steam mop ready for the next use. It also sports a comfortable and soft gripping handle that makes using the device easy and comfortable. This model can be used for cleaning most glazed surfaces, but it is always prudent to test on a small patch for results before advancing.


  • The unit is easy to assemble upon reception from shipping, and no extra tools are required to get it running.
  • Operation of this steam mop does not involve chemicals and is purely natural.
  • It is quick to start, with the waiting time standing at less than a minute for the device to be fully operational.
  • A long power cord makes it easy to clean vast expanses without the need to switch power outlets.
  • The fitted microfiber dirt pad covers are highly effective and washable for reuse.
  • This steam mop is light and easy to use comfortably, even for extended periods.


  • The water cup does not store on-board the unit, and could easily get lost.
  • It is a little difficult to see when the steam mop water cup is running low on water.
  • The steam does not come out automatically and requires pumping the handle to make it work.

3. Bissell powerfresh mop

It is hard to go wrong with this steam mop as it offers a versatile cleaning experience with three custom steam settings. Cleaning is done naturally with steam only, excluding the need for chemicals to eradicate germs and allergens from your surfaces. Fragrance discs can be fitted in the mop head to sanitize the air as you clean, in addition to the unit being able to support demineralized scented water to attain the same fragrance. Bundled are two washable mop pads, one which is soft and the other a bit stiff to scrub more stubborn surfaces.


  • It is relatively easy to put together the unit for the first run, with only a screwdriver needed for the entire process.
  • The steam level required during cleaning can be adjusted, with the device providing a choice of three adjustment settings.
  • Two washable mop pads ship with the unit, with one being soft for delicate surfaces and the other a little scrubby for other surfaces.
  • Fragrance discs can be fitted in the mop head to provide a fresh scent as you clean.
  • This model also supports using scented demineralized water for additional fragrance requirements.


  • Practice caution when using the unit for extended periods on floors that absorb heat, as it may cause burns when stepped on without shoes.
  • It may be a little hard to use the device on walls in tight spaces.
  • Using the steam mop on the highest setting makes the mop pad much easier to saturate, resulting in slightly damp surfaces after cleaning.

4. Smart living steam mop plus

If you’re looking for a light and easy to steam mop that will sanitize your surfaces then look no further than this model. The cleaning mechanism uses steam from distilled water to get rid of germs and allergens naturally without the need for chemicals. It heats up quickly to achieve a temperature of 110•C that provides super-heated steam that removes stains and grime easily. This steam mop is highly versatile too and can be used to on a range of surfaces from carpets to wood and ceramic floors.


  • This steam mop is easy to use and effectively eliminates dust, allergens, and streaks from a range of surfaces.
  • It does not require chemicals and sanitizes using distilled water to create steam that is a natural cleanser.
  • It heats the water quickly for you to begin cleaning almost immediately after switching the unit on.
  • This model works on a variety of surfaces such as travertine tiles and hardwood floors.
  • The ball joint for steering the unit proves useful in cleaning under and around household objects as you go.
    It is relatively light to use and the extended power cord makes enough room for cleaning large areas without having to change power outlets.


  • The dirt pads are prone to wear over time and consecutive washes, leaving them thin and flimsy.
  • Water reservoir may not hold enough water to create the required steam to clean large expanses.
  • Its replacement dirt pads are a little costly, adding to maintenance costs.

5. Shark Genius

This steam mop proves to be more than an able companion in keeping sealed floors clean and sanitized. It packs a dirt pad which is dual sided and made of a highly absorbent material that provides both efficient cleaning and quick drying times. This dirt pad is also reusable and can be washed in a laundry machine after use for the next cleaning session. Attaching, using, and removing the dirt pad is a breeze, operating on a button to achieve these functions without necessarily having to touch the pad by hand. The nozzle at the end of the stick can produce a steam jet to aim at stubborn stains for easier cleaning. Steam levels can be changed to suit your requirements from the available three settings. The mop pad is wide and features a unique steam transfer mechanism to create a broad cleaning surface area for the unit.


  • Getting it up and running upon reception is relatively easy and non-technical.
  • It is efficient at removing deep-set stains and dirt, even removing spilled paint from floors.
  • The steam mop is fantastically light and relatively easy to use, given its dirt pad material.
  • This unit features a steam jet nozzle at the end of the handle to target stubborn stains for easy removal.
  • Attachment and removal of the dirt pad can be done with the operation of a button, eliminating the need to hold a dirty pad by hand.


  • The device is not equipped with a button or a switch to turn it on and starts working as soon as it is plugged into a power outlet.
  • Owing to its structural design, this steam mop cannot stand on its own and needs to be supported when not in use.

6. Powerfresh steam mop + scented water

Bundled with demineralized water that is scented, this steam mop is a worthy choice that stands out from its competitors. Its dirt scrubbing pad is built in, and highly efficient in removing dried stains, grout and a variety of messes that may occur around your living space. It features a three-level steam setting for diverse cleaning needs as required. This steam mop also works on different surfaces such as linoleum and hardwood floors. The mop head can be fitted with fragrant discs for a custom air scent as you clean around the house with the mop. It comes with two mop pads made for different types of surfaces: a soft pad and another a little more rigid for tough surfaces. The brush roll fitted in this steam mop is conveniently powered on or off by a switch located on the unit.


  • This model offers is bundled with scented demineralized water, which proves handy when you need to have a fresh scent around your home.
  • Its mop pad is inbuilt, made from microfiber, and works well in eliminating grout and stains from surfaces.
  • The mop pad material can be swapped for a replacement, or to attach a sturdier pad for deeper cleaning.
  • You can use this steam mop on surfaces such as linoleum and hardwood floors quite comfortably.
  • A switch for turning the brush roll on or off is found onboard the unit.


  • In the case of the unit breakdown, you may need to return it in the original packaging to successfully claim repairs or warranty.
  • The water cap may crack with time due to the temperatures involved, leading to leaking and rendering the device unusable.

7. SKG steam mop

This steam is specially designed with a triangular form factor for the mop head for efficient cleaning of corners while also sporting a swivel mechanism for gliding on such surfaces. It emits scalding steam at 212 F to sanitize your surfaces during cleaning and remove germs and allergens. This steam can be regulated through digital control to suit your needs as you go about cleaning. With this steam mop, you are assured of being able to completely remove grout and dried stains from your surfaces quite easily. It also features an additional 6 tools for cleaning different surfaces such as wood, tile and laminate floors, adding versatility to its list of characteristics. The water reservoir for this model has a capacity of 15oz and is thus able to support cleaning a fairly large surface area on one refill. The standby time for the device to become operational is 30 seconds, which is quick enough for an almost immediate start after powering.


  • The unit’s mop head is triangular and features a swivel connection, making it easy to clean out corners more effectively.
  • This steam mop heats water to 212F to provide scalding steam that is effective at sanitizing your surfaces.
  • A large water reservoir on the steam mop makes it easy to clean and sanitize large areas on a single fill of the canister.
  • The steam mop is highly agile, heating up quickly after powering it on, ready for cleaning.
  • 6 additional tools for cleaning are provided with the steam mop to help clean various surfaces such as countertops and floors.
  • The mop pads for this model are made from microfiber and can be removed to be washed after using the device.
  • Steam levels can be adjusted as desired via a digital control knob found on the central unit.


  • This unit ships while unassembled and may require some technical skill to get it up and running successfully.
  • It is advised to use the steam mop with care, as it wholly made of plastic and may not be able to withstand excess stress.

8. Light ‘n’ easy

Featuring automatic steam release via an inbuilt smart sensor, this steam mop is highly rated and for a good reason too. Heating steam for cleaning takes a mere 30 seconds, with the steam itself drying off your surface within seconds. It is fitted with a durable and washable microfiber cloth, which makes cleaning an easy task. The water reservoir is located at the Base of the unit to maximize the efficiency of steam release. This model also features an ergonomic handle which is very comfortable to grip as you use the appliance, and also serves for chord maintenance and wrap-up for storage. Effectively, this steam mop can be used to clean surfaces such as carpet, wood, laminate, and tile floors.


  • An inbuilt sensor to automatically adjust the steam to catch-up to your mopping speed when cleaning makes this mop highly desirable.
  • It heats up quickly to produce scalding steam to sanitize and remove germs from surfaces.
  • Cleaning with this model is relatively easy, with the fitted microfiber cloth effectively trapping particles and debris. It may be removed, washed, and replaced after use.
  • The water container is located at the bottom of the unit and works to maximize steam production.
  • A highly ergonomic handle rounds up the build of the unit, and also nests quick and easy storage for the power chord for storage.
  • This steam mop can be used quite effectively on carpet, wood, laminate and tile floors to keep them clean and radiant.


  • Consider taking note of the unit’s base height if planning to store this steam mop under cabinets and see if it may fit.
  • Being automatic, it only pumps steam when moved, and effort required to start the process will vary.

9. H2O mop x5

Packing a serious 1300watts, you will have enough steam to begin cleaning in seconds after switching on this steam mop. Not only can you clean glass, mirror, and floors with this steam mop, it shows great utility at cleaning carpets too while gliding easily. It can also convert to a hand-held steamer through the help of buttons just as quickly, and offer other services such as being a garment steamer when attached to an included add-on. Packing such utility, this steam mop proves to be handy for cleaning surfaces in your home and keeping them sanitized.


  • It is high powered and works effortlessly to produce hot steam for cleaning and sanitization of surfaces.
  • Floors, glass, and mirrors can be cleaned using this steam mop, and it glides easily on carpets to remove dust and allergens.
  • This steam mop can quickly convert to a hand-held steamer through buttons and serve alternative purposes around your home. It also ships with an add-on to make it also serve as a garment
  • steamer and eliminate the need for ironing your clothes.


  • Due to its build material, this steam mop should be handled gently to avoid breaking the handle or mop head.

10. Cedar microfiber steam mop

Look no further than this steam mop model for near-instant device readiness to clean with scalding steam, in only 20 seconds. The produced steam can be adjusted as desired, effectively eliminating germs and allergens during sanitization. Go green with this steam mop which only uses water for the cleaning and does not require detergents which are known to be unfriendly to the environment. Weighing in at 5lbs, you will be hard-pressed to find a lighter model that will prove as agile at cleaning and sanitizing your surfaces. The mop head is triangular shaped to help you clean out corners more confidently. A microfiber cloth covers the unit’s bottom and is quite handy at trapping dislodging dirt and stains from your surfaces. This mop pad can be washed after use before storing the steam mop.


  • This steam mop offers a quick heat-up time at 20 seconds, to produce superheated steam ready for cleaning and sanitization.
  • It is fitted with a steam level regulation mechanism on-board for a custom cleaning experience.
  • Sanitization is achieved through the steam’s natural ability to kill germs without the need for artificial cleaning solutions.
  • At 5lbs, this steam mop is easy to handle and maneuver as you clean around your home.
  • The mop pad is washable and made from microfiber, which works well to remove dirt and debris from surfaces.


  • Demineralized water works best and is less likely to trigger clogging in the unit’s spouts for steam, compared to hard water.
  • The heating could need proper care, and using the steam mop for extended periods could adversely affect their durability.
  • The steam mop should be used with care on wood floors, as it may leave markings and streaking on the finishing due to the high steam temperatures during cleaning.

How to Choose Steam Mop- Buying guide


Steam mops need to be powered to convert water in the reservoir to steam for cleaning. Currently, steam mops can either be powered directly from a power plug or by batteries. While electric-powered steam mops will function as long as you have power, the power chord may tangle and coil as you work through large spaces. Battery powered steam mops provide much more freedom when cleaning and are more portable in this regard. The price to pay for this agility and versatility is limited power supply as batteries only hold as much power, and when cleaning large areas, you may need to swap batteries in between the session.

Surfaces applicable

Before you purchase a steam mop, you have to consider the kind of surface you are most likely and most frequently use it on. There are steam mop models that have specific cleaning mechanisms for different surfaces and tend to alleviate the need to manually switching the steam level setting to match the area being cleaned. Some steam models are fitted with sensors to detect the surface type and automatically change steam release for optimal cleaning. It is of note that its price mostly matches the degree of steam mop sophistication and gadgetry, and the top of the range steam mops usually cost several times more than regular models.

Heat-up time

The time taken to convert water to steam is of great importance when selecting a steam mop. It dictates how quickly the appliance takes to be ready for use after switching it on. The current market standard for readiness is under a minute and should be taken into consideration when comparing steam mop models before purchase. An agile steam mop means that you do not get bored and psyched out of your cleaning mood while waiting for the appliance to be ready.

The shape of the mop head

Naturally, curved edges are easier to clean with conventional mops than corners and blocky edges. On this issue, steam mops are designed with various shapes intended to be a solution to this problem, with the triangular shape being touted as most effective at cleaning corners. Consider the surface you plan to clean most frequently and the objects sharing the same space. It may be prudent to get a triangular shaped steam mop if your floor and surfaces are mostly angular and too tight for regular shaped mops.

Size of canister

You only need water and power to have a steam mop up and seriously sanitizing your living space. The amount of steam you get is equally proportional to the amount of water in your canister, and the larger its capacity, the more steam you will have for cleaning. A small water reservoir will require frequent refilling during cleaning sessions, which sooner or later may become annoying. On the other hand, a large water canister means an increase in the overall weight of the unit.

FAQ While Buying Steam Mop

1. Is steam cleaning better than mopping?

Mopping cleans your floors and surfaces using water with an absorbent material and does not remove germs and other allergens. Steam mops work by converting water to steam which is a natural sanitizer and dirt remover to make your floors free from bacteria and germs, with 99.9% efficiency. This makes your home safe, especially if you have kids or keep pets in the household.

2. Are steam mops good?

Steam mops are good cleaning equipment to have in your home as they are agile and versatile to fit most cleaning needs. Equipped with mop pads, they prove quite useful in removing stains, grime, and dried dirt from your surfaces easily and eliminate germs and bacteria which may cause diseases if left unchecked. They come in an array of shapes and sizes, and it is easy to find one that not only fits your requirements, but easily stores away in your storage space.

3. Are steam mops safe for wood floors?

It is prudent to note the type of floor that you have and the accompanying features before acquiring a steam mop. Thus said, most steam mops are marketed with information ability to clean sealed floors safely. This is still a point of contention as the heat involved during steam cleaning is considerably high and is likely to scald, scrape, and allow moisture to seep through the floor finishing. Seek the opinion of your floor installer or manufacturer to find out if your wood floor can withstand steam cleaning, although the chances are low that it may be safe.

4. Can steam kill mold?

Steam is usually hot enough to kill bacteria, germs and also eliminate mold from your surfaces. Steam can penetrate through surface pores, cracks and crevices to get to lodged dirt, germs and mold, and proves quite effective at sanitization even without additional cleaning solutions. Steam mop heads are usually covered in washable microfiber material that cleans and removes mold after sterilization of the surface by the steam mop.

5. Will steam cleaning remove odors?

Steam cleaning provides an ideal solution when removing dust, debris, and odors from surfaces around your home as steam permeates these surfaces to remove deep-set particles and odor components, especially from porous surfaces. Steam can help deodorize and neutralize the odor, as it lingers because it penetrates some surfaces around your home, and steam mops perform a deep cleaning to churn out the set odor from these surfaces.

6. Do steam mops hurt hardwood floors?

Finishing for hardwood floors are usually not resistant to water and other cleaning solutions that are used on regular floors, and may diminish in radiance and shine over time. Also, the heat involved in steam cleaning may create an opening in your hardwood floor, which may let steam to get through to the underlying wood layer and consequently damage your floor. Be sure to consult your hardwood manufacturer to get concise details about steam cleaning your floor.

7. How do you steam clean floors?

Starting with a clean floor, steam cleaning is a fairly easy process. It involves filling the water reservoir with water and maybe some cleaning solution depending on your steam mop model. The filter needs to be clean before you start cleaning using the steamer, and you will need to wait for roughly a minute after switching it on for the appliance to be ready to use. Glide it over surfaces to be cleaned for 99.9% sanitization and elimination of germs and bacteria from your living space, and safe for both humans and pets at home.


Your home should be a safe environment for all occupants, and a steam mop assures you peace of mind when it comes to home cleanliness. The best part about this appliance is that it is still effective even without adding detergents or cleaning solution, thus being an eco-friendly cleaning option if you are environmentally conscious about your carbon footprint. Steam mops are also diverse, and some even transform to provide additional features such as doubling as garment steamers. With a steam mop at home, you can rest assured that no dirt, bacteria, and allergen will survive the wrath of steam cleaning, rendering your space free from disease-causing agents.