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10 Best Mops for Hardwood Floor Reviews 2019

In every house, industry or business it is important to maintain a good impression, this can be achieved by always keeping the floors clean and shiny.

The cleaning can be done in different ways, either by sweeping the surfaces, or scrubbing them with special cleaners, mopping the floors or polishing them to get more shine. Each of the techniques requires special tools and machines that will help facilitate this task, therefore, in each country or region, various textiles are used to clean the floors.

Top 5 Recommended

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1. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop
2. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop
3. Bissell Spinwave Powered Hardwood
4. O-Cedar ProMist Spray Mop
5. 18" Professional Microfiber Mop

A good mop can make a big difference in cleaning your floors. Hard surface floors are beautiful until they get dirty. Finding a mop that can handle a mess without causing damage to the floor or being harmful to you can be a challenge. These spray mops are some of the best for cleaning floors with convenience as a priority.

10 Best Spray Mops for Hardwood Floors:

1. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop, Floor Steamer, Tile Cleaner

Cleaning a hard surface floor can be an intimidating and overwhelming task, especially if the area is large and you do not have the proper equipment. Using a broom to sweep then a mop to clean the surface can take hours. And oftentimes, using a steam powered mop can be difficult, as they may not have all the settings you may want. Or, they may have too many settings and can be just as overwhelming as the process of cleaning a floor in and of itself. One thing about the Bissell steam mop is that it goes easy on the settings, but still has options. It has three adjustable levels of steam cleaning, which is just enough to do what is necessary. Additionally, it is diverse in what it can clean. It can clean not only hardwood, but also ceramic, granite, and linoleum surfaces. This makes the Bissell steam mop not only easy to use, but it also makes it ideal for most any situation.

The one glaring issue with the Bissell steam mop may seem trivial, but still needs to be addressed. And that is the fact that it is powered by a cord. In this day and age where pretty much any device that uses a power source can operate on rechargeable batteries, the Bissell steam mop does not do this. It uses a power cord, which can be a nuisance to deal with when cleaning a large area.

2. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop means not buying more cleaning solutions and towels for your family. This mop comes with a rechargeable water / cleaning tank. The thick scrubbing pad can be machine washed. The company recommends replacing it at some point after the 100th wash. The Rubbermaid mop handle is sturdy and has a perfect height.

An easy-to-use sponge mop can handle tough messes in places other mops have a hard time reaching. The trigger mechanism is a bit stiffer than many of the other flat mops. The tank is a bit more difficult to open, but keeps water and cleaner stored safely without any leakage. The hook at the end of the mop handle makes storage much more convenient when mopping ends.

3. Bissell Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, 2039A

Cleaning really deep stains on a hardwood floor can be a very daunting and tough task. It can take a lot of effort to get out deep stains, even when not using a mop and instead scrubbing them using your hands. The Bissell spinwave has many, many solutions for this, and will make cleaning deep stains much easier. It does this with the scrubber pads that it has equipped. These scrubber pads have a rougher surface that is designed for tougher stains. Another notable and good thing about the Bissell spinwave is that it has a spray control button which will spray out the cleaning solution you put in it when pressed. The best thing about the Bissell spinwave is that it is cordless. This means if you need to clean a very large area, you will not need to worry about using extension cords or anything of the sort.

The Bissell spinwave has plenty of options for cleaning, but in this case, too much is more than enough and it can make cleaning complicated. It comes with the pads and solution necessary, but it is questionable about how long these last. This means it is possible that you’ll be spending more money than necessary when it comes to maintaining the Bissell spinwave. Additionally, the fact that it is cordless, while very nice, comes at a cost. And that cost is a very short run time of a scant 20 minutes. This can make cleaning a large area a chore, as you will likely need to recharge the battery during your cleaning session.

4. 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop | Stainless Steel Handle | 3 Premium Mop Pads + 2 FREE Microfiber Cloths

Cleaning the floors in a massive office or warehouse can be a painful and time consuming process. There are precious few mops that are big enough to effectively clean large areas. If they are steam vacuum, you will need to worry about recharging the batteries constantly (if it is cordless) or using extension cords. Traditional mops will need to be emptied and refilled constantly. The Microfiber Wholesale mop has solved most of these problems. With microfiber mop heads that extend up to 18 inches that are equipped with microfiber pads that sweep and mop, it is very useful for cleaning large areas. The handle is also extremely flexible, so it is also easy to use the Microfiber Wholesale mop to clean underneath areas as well. The best thing about this Microfiber mop is that they can clean literally any hard surface that can be cleaned, including stone and concrete.

The problem with the Microfiber Wholesale mop comes in the form of the mop heads themselves. While they can cover a lot and are washable, they are rather complicated to use. Because they are so massive, it can be a chore taking off the dust and mop pads. The pads attach with velcro, but it is very possible that the velcro could come loose, which can be a nuisance to work around.

5. Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop with 2 Microfiber Mop Heads – Lime

Some areas can be really difficult to reach with most mops. This is especially true with traditional mops, and the more technologically advanced mops, while they are very effective at what they do, also have trouble cleaning under certain spaces. The design of the Mopnado spin mop solves this problem. The mop head is circular and flat, which means it can slide under chairs or doors where other mops would not be able to reach. And because the handle can move in literally any direction, it can clean completely under certain things. The Mopnado spin mop is perfect for kitchens or any other place where there are are appliances that need to be cleaned under.

Although the Mopnado spin mop is very good at cleaning underneath hard to reach areas, it is not nearly as good at cleaning overall. While the bucket has its own agitator and is very easy to use, the mop heads are not as big as they should be. The diameter of the mop heads in the Mopnado spin mop are only 14 inches around, which will make cleaning a larger area a chore. Combine this with the fact that it is very similar to a traditional mop where water and solution go in a bucket and must be wrung out, and it will make cleaning a larger area a process that is more painful than it needs to be. Select best garbage disposal unit for your kitchen after buying a spin mop.

6. Swiffer Sweeper Cleaner Dry and Wet Mop Starter Kit for Cleaning Hardwood and Floors, Includes: 1 Mop, 7 Dry Cloths, 3 Wet Cloths

Sometimes it is not necessary to use a high tech, powerful mop to clean floors. This is especially true when cleaning small areas, as it is not necessary to use such powerful materials on said areas. One very nice thing about the Swiffer starter kit is that it is very simple to use. It does not have all the complicated parts and technology of the more advanced floor mops and this can be advantageous to someone who just wants a mop that does not have any complicated add-ons and other accessories.

The Swiffer starter kit, while simple in its design, does not lend itself to any powerful cleaning. It is not designed to clean up anything sizeable. It comes with plenty of cloths, but it the length of time these cloths last is very questionable. Anyone who wants to get the Swiffer starter kit needs to prepare to stock up on plenty of cleaning cloths. The cloths that the Swiffer starter kit utilize leave quite a bit to be desired. First, the cloths are unscented. This means that while they can clean floors, if said floor developed a bad smell from being dirty, the bad smell will still be there after cleaning. Additionally, the dry and wet cloths look almost identical, and it would be very easy to mistake a dry cloth used for sweeping for a wet one that is used for mopping.

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7. Bona Hardwood Floor Mop

The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop starter kit comes with a reusable cleaning pad, a rechargeable cleaning tank and the mop itself. I love the mop. It is absorbent and does a great job cleaning the floor. It is also easy to clean in the washing machine and withstands repeated washing. Having a refillable cleaning tank is also nice.

If I want to use a cleaner different from the Bona cleaning solution, I can. I can even use a homemade cleaning solution to clean the floors. The handle and mop head are robust and easy to use. The mop comes disassembled, but it is very easy to put it together. You just joined the pieces, and you finished. The mop firing system does not require batteries, which is a good feature.

8. O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

The O-Cedar Mop is a one-of-a-kind combination meant to save you time AND money! No more heavy buckets – TheO-Cedar Mop combines the power of a spraying device with a tough microfiber pad for a double power punch that removes dirt & grime from any smooth surface floor!

The double-action swivel connector lets you get into corners and under tables so no dirt is left behind! Plus, our durable microfiber pad cleans 50% better than a traditional mop!

9. Mr.Cleann House Cleaning Spray Mop Kit

The Mr.Cleann House Cleaning Spray Mop was brilliantly designed with our customers in mind! It comes with a refillable spray bottle for your favorite cleaning solution (our special cleaning solution works wonders!). Avoid the hassle & mess of a heavy, water-filled bucket. Plus, you can refill the bottle from the comfort of your own home!

The durable microfiber cleaning pad is tougher than standard cotton or sponge mops, and it picks up 50% more dirt per swipe! Plus, it’s washable! Just toss it in the washer when it gets dirty and you’re ready to go again!

10. Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop

The WetJet Swiffer is a great convenience tool to keep floors clean between scrubbing. This all-in-one system is designed to make mopping an easy task cleaning hardwood floors.. Although the cleaning pad does not pick up pet hair very well, the onboard scrubbing tool ensures that Swiffer can handle even the driest spots on your floor.

This product is intended to be reusable and refillable with disposable pads and refill bottles that fit perfectly in place. You will not have anything to wash or fill. Just throw away the disposable notebook, and everything will be over.

Both the reusable pad & the refillable spray bottle are included with your purchase!

Things to Consider when buying Spray Mops:

Microfiber mops

Microfiber mops are one of the most used materials on the market and are a better option than the standard loop or sponge for use on ceramic floors. The threads are created by combining polyester and nylon, which make the mop very durable and resistant. Microfiber material has been available for several years, but its popularity has grown recently. In addition to being more durable than most other materials, microfiber is more hygienic and requires less maintenance than other options. When mop does not work, you should use cordless vacuum for hardwood floors.


Wet loop mops, usually made of nylon, rayon or cotton, and sponge mops require large amounts of waterfor a proper cleaning. If you leave them standing, this water has the potential to allow the formation of mold, especially in the lines of the grout of the ceramic tile. These mops are not washable, so they are also susceptible to mold and mildew problems over time. The microfiber heads are designed to be washed and dried, that is, without stagnant water being trapped in the fibers and there is a significantly lower risk of mold formation. An additional advantage of the washing cycle is that the fabric becomes softer, therefore there is a lower risk of scratching the ceramic. In addition, tests conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2002 demonstrated the ability of microfiber yarns to collect more dirt than the standard loop wet style, which is attributed to the finer fibers associated with microfiber as thick cotton or nylon does not get as deep in thegrout lines. Over time, the longer life and better cleaning capacity of the microfiber make it a more economical option.

Microfiber against standard weight

Since bending and reaching is part of the scrubbing process, the lighter weight of the microfiber fabric is preferable to the sponge or wet loop. This was part of the tests conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, which showed that microfiber mops, which weigh approximately 5 pounds (2.26 k) less than other styles, were designed more ergonomically and helped prevent long-term injuries. , especially when used for long periods or for large jobs, such as in hospitals and office buildings.

Environmental concerns

Microfiber is a much greener option than standard wet loop designs, since they require much less water to do the same job. The thinner fibers allow the microfiber mop to maintain seven times its weight in liquid, that is, less waste is wasted and the repetitive movements associated with soaking and draining are reduced, relieving tension in the muscles and joints and eliminating the need to carry heavy buckets of water from one room to another.


These textiles are designed to clean the floor in wet and are usually complemented by a stick at the end of which are strips or absorbing fringes, these attachments are moistened and squeezed to be rubbed on the floors and remove stains, dust or dirt from these, although they are also used to dry liquids that have been spilled. So make sure you have chosen the right spray mops for your floor types.